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The Village Dog supports animal rescue and animal welfare efforts in a multitude of ways.  


The Village Dog provided the funding for the purchase of a four-acre property with a residence, and also for a transportation van and top of the line kennel system to house up to 40 dogs from the K9 Kennel Store for an inspirational husband and wife animal rescue allowing them to continue their work on behalf of animals in need. 


The photos shown here are are just some of the over 60 dogs that The Village Dog has fostered and helped place into awesome loving forever homes.  For links to sites where you may look for your own rescue dog, please see further below.


At The Village Dog, we love dogs whether large, small, young, old, mutts or breed-specific.  


Click here to find wonderful dogs in need of loving homes through PAWS Chicago.

Click here for a list of breed-specific rescue organizations provided by The American Kennel Club through their AKC Rescue Network.  It will link you to breed specific rescues where you can find loving dogs in need of homes. 


Click here to find mixed-breed and breed-specific dogs looking for their forever homes through Petfinder.


Healthy, happy, beautiful dogs of all ages are in need of loving homes to welcome them in.  









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