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Fresh air, positive socialization, and creative self-direction rule at The Village Dog!  No stress-filled overwhelming warehouse environment for our canine guests.  With over 8,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor space, we give our guests direct access at will via custom dog doors -- with weather-related safety considerations in mind -- to our spacious outdoor yard throughout the day and evening which promotes our guests health, happiness, and potty-training reinforcement.  Our yard surface was designed with a drainage system utilizing beach gravel so that it's comfortable to run on and your dog isn't exposed to the harmful chemicals in artificial turfs. 


Our spacious play yard has two large outdoor play spaces with separate play areas for smaller dogs and mid-size to larger dogs.  Our multiple indoor levels and play rooms allow our guests, small, large, senior, or puppy to feel happy and comfortable throughout their visit.  We provide outdoor fetch sessions and have an abundant supply of safety-conscious toys.  With our premium dog beds and cots, there's always a comfortable place to rest or nap during the day.

Our guests have access to continously clean water from multiple bowls throughout their visit with us to promote healthy hydration.  In warm weather, our outdoor pool and sprinklers use drinking-water-safe hoses and lead-free nozzles to protect your dog's health.  



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