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Each night a hand-selected group of friendly dogs settle in for a peaceful night's sleep at The Village Dog, their home-away-from-home, where we provide an exclusively cage-free and kennel-free luxury experience in our boutique environment in the midst of the North Shore.


With on-site overnight staff, your dog gets a sound night's sleep while visiting with us.  Our first floor is dedicated to our mid-size to larger size guests while smaller dogs and dogs who need or enjoy extra overnight attention board on our second floor.


All of our boarding guests enjoy a full day of daycare at no additional charge -- we wouldn't have it any other way.  Our guests have access to our yard by or before 6:00 am until at least 10:30 pm daily.  We also offer yard visits beyond 10:30 pm for puppies, seniors or any others who may want it.  Our guests have round the clock access to fresh water to promote healthy hydration.  Click here to see dinnertime with our boarding guests where meals are served in our kitchen with an employee on hand to ensure everyone eats their own meal.

We provide individual dog beds and premium cots to our overnight guests.  With multiple indoor rooms over two luxuriously appointed levels, our guests, small and large, young and old, feel relaxed, comfortable, and happy. 


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