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We require that customers or their representatives 

must wear a mask or face covering and have it on prior to arriving at our front door for drop-off and pick-up.

As an Essential Business, The Village Dog continues to provide cage-free and kennel-free daycare and boarding throughout Covid19 in order to serve the needs of people and their canine family members. 

Our drop-off and pick-up hours are 7:00am-10:00am and 3:00pm-6:30pm daily including weekends

Click here for holiday hours and more details

We practice safe social distancing, rigorous hand sanitizing, and the utilization of face masks at drop-off and pick-up.  The safety of our canine guests, our customers and ourselves is always a priority.

EXCLUSIVELY cage-free and kennel-free

luxury boarding and daycare

for a lucky group of friendly dogs



Our 8,000 square foot indoor and outdoor North Shore property is where we offer the ultimate alternative in dog care for discerning owners.  Our canine guests are a hand-selected group of friendly dogs who enjoy a luxury daycare and boarding experience like no other.  

No cages, no kennels, no warehouse environment for our guests.

Staffed by dog lovers, we provide individualized care and on-site overnight staff.  We selectively choose dogs who are good-natured with other dogs, are a good fit for our pack, and are comfortable and happy joining in.  Our core group of regular attendees further enhances our exceptional pack harmony.


We  provide the ultimate luxury of direct access at will to our spacious backyard via custom dog doors in order to promote our guests' health, happiness and potty-training.  To ensure that everyone's pampered, not overwhelmed and overlooked, we maintain a smaller pack size than other dog care facilities.  

With two levels of play and sleep space, our beautiful interior settings are specifically designed to ensure the comfort of each dog whether they're small, large, puppy or senior.  Our first floor with direct access to our main yard is dedicated to our mid-size to larger size guests while smaller dogs and more retiring types enjoy our second floor with direct access to their own outdoor play yard. Our yard surface was designed with a drainage system utilizing beach gravel so that it's comfortable to run on and your dog isn't exposed to the harmful chemicals present in synthetic turfs.  Our guests have round the clock access to fresh water to promote healthy hydration.  From the smallest details on up, our commitment is to our guests' happiness, health, and comfort.


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Our canine guests enjoy their day at their own pace.  We understand dogs and what makes them happy, and shape our approach to dog care around that.  We keep our pack size smaller to keep our pack happier.  We provide our guests with fresh air and freedom throughout their visit by giving them direct access at will to our spacious play yards. Our guests enjoy a fun, healthy, creative way to experience their day. 

We create a happy, healthy experience for our overnight guests by design:  No cages, no kennels, just happy, stress-free dogs who enjoy a quiet, sound night's sleep after a full day of healthy physical, social, and mental activity.  Our unparalled outdoor yard access begins by 6:00am and goes until 10:30pm -how nice!  With customized care, on-site overnight staff, and our first-rate approach to lifestyle, everyone enjoys a good night's sleep.

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